Luc Anfray

Über Luc

Luc Anfray is a Partner at Simon-Kucher in France. He has 15+ years of experience in advising companies on their growth strategies, with a focus on capex projects, innovation, sales and pricing excellence.

Prior to joining Simon-Kucher, he spent 10 years advising large international companies in raw materials, chemicals and agriculture on their strategic industrial development plans and worked for EDF, a leading French utility.

Since he joined Simon-Kucher in 2019, Luc has served companies in the raw materials, agribusiness, chemicals, utilities, and telco industries with various assignments:

  • Growth strategies and corporate / business unit strategic plans
  • Profitability boost via sales and pricing excellence programs
  • Innovation monetization programs for R&D, new offers, new products and new revenue models

Luc holds a diploma from AgroParisTech in biology and agronomy, and a Master in sustainable development, environment, and energy economics from AgroParisTech.