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Accelerate revenue growth through end-to-end pricing platform
Revolutionize your pricing with SK Pricer | Products, an enterprise platform helping organizations take control of their pricing management, achieve their strategic financial goals, and boost their revenue sustainably.

Bring your pricing game to the next level
with SK Pricer | Products

Does your organization struggle with pricing errors, margin leakages, or a need for advanced price optimization? Are you dealing with scattered data and pricing tools across too many systems? Does it take a long time to align pricing with all stakeholders?
Optimizing pricing in the B2B industry can be challenging but Simon-Kucher Engine has you covered. That’s why we developed SK Pricer | Products, the expert solution for comprehensive price management that can be easily integrated to your IT environment.

Set better prices that align with your pricing strategy
Boost your revenue and profit by using a software that’s aligned with the best-in-class pricing methodologies by Simon-Kucher – the world’s leading pricing advisor for over 35 years.
Collaborate across teams and improve efficiency
Foster better team collaboration and automate your data inflow/outflow by incorporating all information and processes in one tool, integrated with other existing IT systems.
Realize financial impact quicker and more smoothly
Be able to start software integration in parallel with a pricing strategy project with Simon-Kucher – saving you time on implementation.


Discover how our holistic pricing solution can help you extract the highest value for your B2B business. We can configure the tool to fit your businesses’ specific needs.

Built-in methodologies and guided workflows

Apply our established Simon-Kucher methodologies easily with our intuitive and prescriptive interface and configurable pricing algorithms.

Pricing task panel and automated workflows

Track tasks that require immediate attention using our pricing task panel. Quickly adapt prices to portfolio and market dynamics with our automated, preconfigured pricing workflows, such as cost pass through, international price setting, and new product pricing.

Analyses and simulations

Simulate and instantly review the impact of your pricing decisions with our KPI dashboards and insightful charts, such as the price change overview chart and the price tree view.

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Jan Niggemann

Head of Growth

Jan owns the global revenue function for SaaS products at Simon-Kucher Engine and has over 15 years of experience in leadership roles at enterprise software providers in the Price Management, Price Optimization and Business Intelligence category. To enable our clients to unlock better growth from using individually configured technology is what Jan and his team are focusing on every day.

Brad Soper

Brad Soper

Managing Partner of Industrials Sector

Brad’s areas of expertise include go-to-market strategies, customer segmentation, pricing strategies, value-based discounting and sales force effectiveness within the B2B sector.

Rory Liu

Rory Liu

Head of Product

Rory has been with Simon-Kucher for more than 10 years, working for clients across industries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Rory leads the product team within Simon-Kucher Engine, developing and expanding Simon-Kucher’s SaaS portfolio.

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