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Simon-Kucher Engine combines over thirty-five years of unique monetization expertise with proven digital solutions that fit to you.

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Intelligent Engines

Combining data, quantitative expertise and artificial intelligence, these engines provide you with analytical insights and dynamic decision automation via predictions, algorithms, and simulations.

Smart Toolkits

Handy apps based on years of experience in boosting revenue growth. Proven methodologies, to support your sales, marketing and pricing decisions. With these digital applications, your teams can power growth faster and better than ever before.

Intuitive Platforms

Delivering effective interaction and collaboration, with a portfolio of easy-to-use applications based on behavioral science. Allow your teams and customers to work together digitally.

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The future of commercial strategy: The business case for pricing software

In many industries, pricing decisions and implementation of pricing systems require analysis, workflows, algorithms, and IT interfaces that are tailored to the available data. In this Simon-Kucher Engine series, we discuss the advantages of adopting specialized pricing software and look at the different use cases.

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