Andreas von der Gathen

Über Andreas

Dr. Andreas von der Gathen is CEO, Member of the Board, and Managing Director of Germany at Simon-Kucher. Before he became CEO on January 1, 2020, he had already been working for Simon-Kucher for more than 20 years as a Partner. He founded and led the global Consumer Goods & Retail practice, specializing in sales organization, product pricing, and brand strategy for national and international clients in all stages of the consumer goods' value chain.

Andreas has carried out many projects with a variety of customers ranging from international and national ingredient suppliers to fast-moving consumer goods companies and retailers. In many of these projects he helped companies to improve their pricing with the ultimate goal of finding ways to increase profits. 

He has written two books on marketing and brand valuation and co-wrote the book Instruments for Strategic Analysis together with Hermann Simon, Simon-Kucher’s founder. He has published numerous articles on pricing, sales, and branding and is a frequent speaker on these issues at conferences and seminars.

Andreas studied business administration and economics at the University of Bochum and received his PhD for his work on brand management, valuation, and controlling.