Environmental sustainability in business

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Why is sustainability important?

As the world is changing so is what people value. Environmental sustainability continues to develop into an integral part of our business. With pressures throughout the value chain and an increase in consumer demand, companies need to transform now to unlock growth and do good for the planet. At Simon-Kucher, we focus on three key areas:

  • Why sustainability needs to be on a company’s strategic agenda
  • The initiatives a company can undertake
  • How to commercialize these initiatives and make a positive impact for both the environment and the bottom-line

We’ve outlined what could be the seeds of your sustainability strategy, focusing on how companies with a value proposition centered around sustainability can continue to grow and scale. Regardless of where you are in your journey, Simon-Kucher can help build this into something bigger – for both your company and the planet.

Ready to act?

Find out how to drive positive impact and growth with tangible recommendations and consumer insights from our latest Global Sustainability Study.

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