Consumer perspectives on sustainability in 2024

Insights from the 2024 Global Sustainability Study and key take aways for businesses.

The rise of the proactive, informed, and eco-conscious consumer.

Consumers are the engine of global economic growth, and their evolving attitudes towards environmental sustainability are sending a clear message to businesses: sustainability is now a critical factor for business success.

We recently conducted our Global Sustainability Study 2024, surveying 6120 consumers across six countries (USA, Germany, UK, Australia, The Netherlands, and India). This comprehensive analysis reveals a fascinating picture – a growing prioritization of sustainability alongside a persistent affordability challenge.

Sustainability 2024: Navigating consumer behavior

Sustainability is no longer just a ‘trend’ – it’s a standard consideration influencing consumer behavior. Our global 2024 study confirms this, with 71% of consumers viewing sustainability as equally crucial as last year. This growing interest in sustainability, the willingness to pay for green alternatives, and the proactive approach to verifying businesses’ claims indicate an urgent need for businesses to understand changing consumer sustainability perceptions.

Sustainability 2024

Consumers take charge

Why is sustainability important?

Our 2024 study shows that consumers becoming more active in incorporating sustainability in their purchasing decisions, seeking out sustainable alternatives and expect businesses to deliver on this crucial aspect. A growing number of consumers also investigate business’ sustainability practices before making a purchase. 


Insights from B2B sustainability leaders in the Industrials sector

Discover how the Industrials sector is investing in sustainable practices, embedding net zero goals into business operations. We interviewed over 700 C-suite and senior management professionals in Europe and North America to examine the progress towards sustainable growth and their climate change risk mitigation strategies. 


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