Simonkucher : Your Career

Your Career with us

Hiring you is just the beginning. You will want to see a path for advancement, and we want you to develop from a bright new hire into an experienced consultant, and potentially a Partner.

Graduates start at one of two consultant levels, depending on their degree and experience. Once you master all kinds of project work and move towards project management, you will become a Manager, then Senior Manager, and later Director. With every step upwards, your work will shift: from pure project work, to project management, toward client relationship building, business development and various internal tasks. We can guarantee that you will keep learning all the time and that you will not be bored.

Directors may be considered for Partnership after they have demonstrated their performance and their ability to further develop our business. They can also be promoted to Senior Directors, a position for those highly valuable consultants who don’t want to become a Partner. Read more about our Partnership model here.


Unlike many consulting firms, we don’t have an “up-or-out” principle. Instead, our promotion system is based on a holistic 360-degree evaluation that we conduct twice a year. That means your individual career advancement depends on your performance and your evaluations from peers, supervisors and team members. If your performance is outstanding, you may be able to move up and take over responsibilities faster than you could at other consultancies.

Our Partners evaluate and provide feedback to each associate twice a year. These sessions are important for your growth and ours. Colleagues will evaluate you, and you will also assess your own performance and evaluate your colleagues. Together with your Partner, you then discuss past performance and development, and define the next steps that will help you grow faster, use your potential and move up in the ranks.

Ongoing Education

At Simon-Kucher, you will learn much from your work with clients and colleagues. Along with learning by doing, our continuous education program – the Simon-Kucher Academy – will help you develop and expand your skills over time.

Our training sessions are designed specifically for us. And the information that you learn is always relevant. Our broad training program is constantly growing, as we continuously add new seminars, training material and webinars.

The Simon-Kucher Academy covers a full range of topics – analytical and methodical abilities, soft skills such as leadership or project management, and seminars on our own consulting areas such as sales excellence or negotiation excellence.

We organize a week-long STEPS seminar for new hires. During your onboarding training week, you will get together with other new associates from offices all around the world for presentations, case studies and team events that will build the foundation for your work. STEPS guides you through a full project, where every day is one project phase. Our associates forge lifelong friendships through STEPS, learning together and going out after the day’s work ends.


Your ideas, opinions, challenges and questions are important to all of us: Project team members, your office colleagues, project managers and Partners.

We assign each employee a mentor, who serves as the first point of contact for anything to discuss, project related or not. Your mentor will be a more experienced consultant who helps you navigate your new position from the first day. He or she is not part of your working team, which allows them to provide you with a neutral perspective.

As you grow within the company, your mentor also becomes more senior. All consultants will eventually be paired with one or more partners who will help guide their professional development over time.

Partnership Model

Our Partnership model is unique, as our Partners are owners of the company and directly steer the business. They benefit not only from an annual salary and a dividend from their shares, but they also increase their wealth when the company makes higher profits. They are entrepreneurs in the truest sense. Read more about partnership models at consulting companies here.

Partnership is principally open to all Simon-Kucher consultants, if they have proven their performance and ability to build the business. Each year, all Partner candidates undergo a thorough evaluation process before they are elected by the Partnership.