Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management

Pricing is the ultimate driver of revenue growth

With a legacy spanning decades, Simon-Kucher has long been synonymous with pricing strategy.

We defined the discipline and it’s ingrained in our DNA. As the trailblazers in the field, we were the first consulting firm to seamlessly integrate academic and scientific methodologies into real-world business scenarios – harnessing the power of effective revenue management and pricing for growth.

Today we are known as the world’s leading pricing consultancy.

Discover insights from our flagship pricing study

The world’s largest global pricing database from the world's longest running pricing study

Access to world-leading insight and data

Simon-Kucher is home to the world's most experienced and highly skilled pricing specialists.

Our partners have over three thousand years of experience in pricing and commercial strategy.

Drawing on our wealth of experience, we have built our “Pricing Universe”, probably the world’s largest pricing database covering all industries and regions.

It contains “priceless” information on price models, price elasticities, and more… for countless products and services.

As true pricing professionals, we regularly reach out to businesses for their perspectives on pricing.

Our Global Pricing Study is the only one of its kind, and each edition reveals new insights into how companies are dealing with the latest pricing issues.

Pricing experts in your industry and your market

With a track record of 30,000+ successful projects worldwide, we are home to the most experienced pricing specialists. 

Our teams work across industries and regions – from household brand names to start-ups turned unicorns and everything in-between.

We have handled the pricing of new product launches, implemented transformational pricing programs, kick-started price strategy development, and overhauled price model design. Everything that the term “pricing” touches, we cover.


Our pricing case studies

  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrials
  • Technology, Media, Telecom

Building dynamic pricing solutions in a two-sided holiday market

A leading holiday rental business with almost 20,000 properties was looking to grow revenues and profits. However, it was navigating a difficult business model. Find out how our new system led to a 22% increase in revenue per property.

Leveraging behavioral economics to increase digital acquisition

A fintech banking app approached us to improve its pricing and marketing strategies. The client already had a tiered pricing structure and wanted to determine what growth levers they could flex to create new value. Find out how we helped our client realize 29 percent revenue growth and a 15 percent increase in new customer acquisition.

Breaking into new markets with a clear positioning and pricing strategy

A leading pharmaceutical company aimed to break into the Precision Livestock Farming space with a bespoke hardware and software solution. We created a clear monetization strategy for the data and digital offering. Find out how we delivered a 4% increase in profits versus the forecast baseline.

Designing a dynamic pricing model for a chemicals manufacturer

An Asian chemicals company with a global distribution network was looking to optimize its commercial strategy by introducing dynamic pricing. Find out how the use of a dynamic pricing model delivered a 3.6% return on sale for our client. 

How a media company unlocked a potential 19% increase in revenue

A major European newspaper group needed to overhaul their entire subscription model. Find out how we've helped them break through internal debates to create a proactive subscription strategy.

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