Standing out in a saturated market

Powerful marketing, differentiation, and a loyal customer base become crucial as competition intensifies.

And in the face of rising food, labor, and operating costs, restaurants need to carefully craft their pricing and promotional strategies to maintain their profitability and ability to compete.

Restaurants must respond to rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, dietary trends, and sustainability demands. This calls for continuous menu adjustments and operational flexibility. Simon-Kucher is here to support you with engineering a menu that increases both your profitability and satisfaction among your customers.

The rapid shift to online delivery and third-party platforms adds further complexity for the restaurant industry. Establishing an effective online presence, ensuring a sustainable channel strategy, and maximizing the impact of online ordering systems are vital to staying relevant and competitive. 

Services & Capabilities


Pricing strategy and revenue management design 



Menu optimization and innovation 



Customer value growth and loyalty  



Digital transformation and channel strategy 



Bundling and packaging strategies  



Loyalty programs 

Our Approach

Our tailored growth strategies help you maximize revenue and profitability while meeting customer expectations.

At Simon-Kucher, we offer revenue management techniques that optimize pricing, promotions, and sales strategies for sustainable growth. We analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive pricing to help determine the most effective price points for menu items. Our value-based pricing strategies align prices with perceived customer value rather than just cost.

We work with restaurants to conduct a thorough analysis of each menu item's contribution to profitability, helping our clients identify high-margin items and optimize their menu accordingly. By analyzing historical data and market trends, we also help predict demand for different menu items, enabling better inventory management and operational efficiency.

Customer loyalty is a vital aspect of restaurant success. We specialize in designing and implementing effective loyalty programs to retain customers and drive repeat business. Our customer segmentation and targeting strategies enable restaurants to tailor offerings, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster loyalty. Meanwhile, our expertise in strategic bundling involves combining complementary items or creating tiered packages that not only increase customer satisfaction but also maximize revenue.

In today's digital age, establishing a coherent channel strategy is critical. We specialize in crafting strategies that drive profitable growth across owned and third-party channels. We leverage our expertise to understand how your customers’ needs vary across channels while ensuring your offering remains coherent and operationally efficient across all routes to market.

Our solutions are built to last. We provide couple advanced analytics with market research to get a detailed view on what works for your customers. Our recommendations are always backed by data, ensuring your price and offer aligns with evolving tastes and preferences. 

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