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The retail industry is a highly complex system.

It’s an interplay between customers, competitors, and suppliers whose behavior constantly evolves.

Customers have become smarter with an increasing number of online and in-person options.

Whether it’s looking for the best “way” to shop or the best new promotion, retailers are constantly competing for attention.

Online shopping and mobile devices are increasing retail price transparency, and customers are buying more and more during promotion sales. Extreme cost fluctuations that strain partnerships between retailers and manufacturers add to today’s retail paradigm.

The result? Traditional strategies for managing customers, pricing, and assortment in retail must be re-invented. And that’s where we can help.

We know that an effective strategy stems from an understanding of customer behavior, needs, and expectations. We combine industry expertise, proven analytical methods and tools, and global experience to deliver consumer-centric solutions – a trusted and proven partner to help you significantly increase price-value-perception, frequency, revenue, and margins.

Services & Capabilities


Category management


Price and promotion strategy


Retail revenue management software


Pricing analytics and price psychology


Retail brand strategy


Assortment optimization


Own brand management


Marketing mix optimization


Loyalty and customer management


Store and Shelf Space Management

Our approach

With nearly 40 years of expertise, we know how to drive growth.

Not only that, we know how to transform businesses to keep up in our increasingly digital world. 

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we customize each project, its goals, and our solutions to fit your needs.

Whether re-defining your business model for better growth, delivering dynamic pricing solutions to maximize commercial opportunities, or optimizing your customer experience, we’ll work alongside your team to help you stand out in a crowded market.

We work closely with you to build capabilities and processes with a results-driven, hands-on approach. Combing our industry expertise with data-based insights and analytics to do one thing – help your business grow: revenue, margin, and profit.


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