Changing market environments require a trusted partner for profitable growth

Sustainable profitable growth is in constant focus for ingredients companies.

Success depends on the ability to innovate, adapt to changing consumer preferences, maintain strong customer relationships, target the right applications, and efficiently manage supply chains.

The ingredients industry is marked by uncertainty. Fluctuating raw material costs and availability have a direct impact on pricing and profits. And while some elements of uncertainty are inherent to the industry, recent global developments have exacerbated the challenges. Only those with the right margin management and commercial strategies will be able to sustainably maximize profit – even amid unpredictable costs. 

One thing the industry can predict is that demand for natural, clean-label, and sustainable ingredients will continue to grow. This pushes businesses to reformulate and future-proof their products while seeking out more sustainable sourcing. Ingredients companies must ensure they are in the right position to cater to these evolving needs, and with the right product portfolio and downstream application strategies.  

Meanwhile, increasing regulatory scrutiny and compliance requirements have a direct impact on the development of consumer products, particularly those with complex ingredient profiles. Ingredients companies must navigate a complex regulatory landscape while also ensuring that their products meet consumer and customer demands and expectations, all while maintaining transparency and trust. 

The ongoing challenge is to balance quality and cost-effectiveness while remaining competitive in the market.

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Our approach

We deliver unparalleled commercial solutions through our extensive knowledge of ingredients and downstream industries, supported by robust data analytics and an integrated approach.

At Simon-Kucher, we provide tailored pricing strategies and margin management techniques to maximize profitability, no matter how your costs fluctuate. Drawing on real-time data, our dynamic pricing models adapt to market changes while maintaining a value focus. We prioritize value when assessing products, customers, and deals, regardless of whether they fall under commodities or specialty products.  

Ingredients portfolios are inherently complex. Through our in-depth analysis and recommendations, we guide you in aligning your product portfolio with ever-evolving consumer and customer demands, all while driving internal operational efficiencies. Our approach allows you to reformulate products, align them with clean-label trends, and ensure their continued relevance in a dynamic market landscape. 
Our experts also work closely with your business to define the optimal go-to-market strategy, carefully considering the balance between in-person and digital channels. We equip sales teams with the necessary technologies to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness, boosting individual and team performance by setting and tracking the right KPIs. 

Successful sales efforts must align with overarching company objectives. We define processes and organizational structures that support your company's goals. Our expertise goes beyond static frameworks; we factor in changing market dynamics and continually adjust the operating model to ensure sustained success. This comprehensive approach to salesforce effectiveness goes hand in hand with your overall go-to-market strategy, creating a synergistic relationship that fosters better growth. 

Need guidance on navigating complex regulatory environments and ensuring compliance with industry standards? We can help you understand and adhere to evolving regulatory requirements, facilitating smoother product development and market entry. Our expertise is rooted in an understanding of major trends such as sustainability, natural ingredients, and health, helping you to future-proof your applications.  

We are ready to guide you in crafting the right "where to play" strategy, ensuring you stay ahead in this dynamic landscape.  


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