Healthcare & Life Sciences

Unlocking better growth for healthcare suppliers, providers, and patients

The healthcare sector is rapidly transforming.

And quality and efficiency of care are more important than ever.

Digitalization and disruptive technologies have opened the door for rapid innovation, creating new growth opportunities. Patients, providers, and payers are increasingly looking for holistic approaches for better prevention, improved therapeutic outcomes at patient and population levels, and managing cost of care. Healthcare suppliers must evolve to catch up.

More than ever, companies need to focus on the relevant markets and segments, build compelling value propositions towards all relevant customer stakeholders and go to market via effective and efficient channels.

Simon-Kucher has led the way in the healthcare industry for nearly 40 years, helping pharmaceutical, medical technology and consumer healthcare companies identify, enhance, and realize the true value of their offers.

With our highly experienced teams based across Europe, the USA, and Asia we provide truly global delivery capabilities combined with deep local market expertise to address the specific commercial challenges of our clients.

Working together with you, we unlock growth opportunities as we help commercialize innovations that improve patient health and wellbeing.

Animal Health
Increasing medicalization and spend on pets, breakthrough specialty medicine innovations, and growing demand for animal protein are reshaping current health and business paradigms. The animal health industry is primed for growth, and we help you to focus on the right opportunities.
Consumer Healthcare
Consumer healthcare companies must juggle their sales and distribution activities at the crossroads between new digital solutions, traditional and innovative channels, and patient’s mindset shifts. We help to successfully navigate through this rapidly changing market environment.
The global diagnostics market is on the rise. Trends such as personalized medicine, patient self-testing and in-vitro diagnostics ensure diagnostics companies are primed for growth, with substantial opportunities across all modalities and technologies.
Digital Health & Health IT
Digital therapeutics, innovative technologies, digitalized health monitoring – they all bring significant value to the healthcare landscape. By improving outcomes and changing the cost profile of care, we power our client's growth potential.
Healthcare B2B Suppliers
Healthcare B2B suppliers have shown significant growth momentum underpinned by favorable market conditions due to increased outsourcing by life science companies. We support suppliers to position themselves and capitalize on this trend.
Healthcare Providers
Healthcare providers must constantly innovate to stay ahead in the volatile market of different healthcare systems, cost pressures, payer requirements, and digital solutions. We support our clients in leveraging market opportunities and seeing the growth potentials.
Innovations in medical devices, equipment, and services lead to an ever-changing landscape and a quickly evolving business model in medtech. Our long-standing expertise helps companies to master the digital transformation and to build sustainable growth.
Pharma & Biotechnology
With an evolving healthcare industry, pharma and biotech must not only drive innovation in precision medicines, diagnostics, and digital therapeutics, but adapt their strategies to achieve better growth and medical outcomes. We help to make the right strategic choices and ensure market access.

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Our approach

We are known for our hands-on approach and expertise.

From analyzing data to developing the right roadmap to tackle your issue, from theoretical setup to putting an actionable plan into practice, we work alongside your team to achieve the goals we’ve set together.

Our global team combines specialist healthcare, sub-sector, functional, and digital expertise. With specialists in each area of the healthcare value chain and deep local market expertise, we help you to drive commercial success and transform your business to keep ahead in the digital world.

From strategies to tangible outcomes, our solutions are made to last. We ensure that our solutions are tangible and effectively implemented.   

The ultimate measure of our success is your success.  

our approach

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