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Fashion and Lifestyle

Mastering assortment, pricing, and promotions is essential for those seeking to protect profits.

The world of fashion and lifestyle operates on a cycle that demands agility and precision. In a market dictated by seasonal shifts and short product lifecycles, the art lies in mastering assortment, pricing, and promotions. Sell-outs, promotions, and mark-downs are imperative until the next season arrives. Preventing price erosion is a constant concern.  

What’s essential is a consumer-centric model that authentically captures consumer willingness to pay. At Simon-Kucher, we help companies introduce innovative and effective pricing and promotional campaigns that resonate powerfully with their intended audiences.

Companies must make precise choices regarding assortment, determining what stays, what goes, and how to effectively promote products. This is the only way to capture the right customer base while elevating brand value. In this fast-moving ecosystem, Simon-Kucher is here to help, ensuring you stay relevant and capture your deserved share of the consumer's wallet. 


Fueling innovation to meet evolving consumer demand.

In the beauty industry, keeping up with evolving consumer expectations means always bringing something new to the table. Loyalty fluctuates, creating a constant balancing act between profitability and securing a share of the market. In this fast-paced environment, innovation is key.

At Simon-Kucher, we help companies implement personalization strategies that activate differentiation and foster brand loyalty. Our approach build loyalty that lasts, creating a strong connection with key audiences and enabling your brand to not just adapt but thrive in the face of changing beauty standards.  

Services & Capabilities


Market growth and expansion strategy  



Global brand strategy 



Value-based price architecture 



Portfolio and assortment optimization 



Revenue growth management  



Route to Consumer 



Price technology/software 



Promotion and product lifecycle management 

Our approach

Our commercial excellence expertise drives success in this fast-paced and changing industry.

Whether it's amplifying the share of wallet, fortifying existing loyalty, or curbing profit leakage, Simon-Kucher is here to help you achieve your goals. Through in-depth ROI analyses and detailed consumer research, we deliver insights to tailor your assortment, promotion, and mark-down strategies, incentivize the right consumer behaviors, and boost your profits. 

Our experts craft pricing strategies that resonate across different markets and align with global brand positioning. Beyond mere cost-plus pricing, our methodology is founded on capturing consumer willingness to pay, ensuring consistent, value-based, and consumer-centric pricing structures. 

Our approach integrates fashion, beauty, and lifestyle experts deeply into your day-to-day activities, leveraging their sector insights to recognize patterns, navigate pitfalls, and stay ahead of evolving trends.

Using a multi-method, data-driven approach, our recommendations are not just theoretical; they're tangible and pragmatic. We collaborate closely with you to find solutions that fit your unique situation, ensuring that your best interest is at the core of our strategies.  

All of this is supported by cutting-edge technology and software solutions to streamline pricing and promotion strategies. From portfolio rationalization to innovative revenue models, our projects deliver impressive and sustained revenue growth. 

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