Digital, Threat or Opportunity?

Digitalization is changing the marketplace and new factors influence pricing success.


How to Monetize Your Innovations?

Creating successful innovations is harder than most people think. Here’s how to do it.


Must-Haves for a Pricing Strategy

Most pricing strategies don’t achieve their goals. Find out what it takes to make them work.


Know Your Customers’ Lifetime Value

In a digital world, persistent customer relationships are more valuable than ever.


Take the Guesswork Out of Sales

With digitalization transforming almost every aspect of sales, the new age requires new tools.

Simon-Kucher: This is who we are
We boost our clients’ topline by optimizing their growth strategies, marketing, pricing, and sales. We are particularly known for our pricing expertise, and our specialists work across all industries. Seeing our clients succeed is what drives us. Every day.

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"No one knows more about pricing than Simon-Kucher."

Philip Kotler
Marketing guru
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World leader in giving advice to companies on how to price their products.

Business Week
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"As a specialized consultancy with a clear focus, Simon-Kucher combines strategic expertise and implementation capabilities in a unique way. "


Member of the Executive Board
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.
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Simon-Kucher did some excellent work to help us to break one of the great myths in our organisation. They radically changed how we understood our core audience.

Chris Stibbs
Former CEO, The Economist Group
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"I chose to work with Simon-Kucher because they are the best in their field. Simon-Kucher think differently than any other organization, and helped me to think differently."

Simon Crabbe
CEO Siblu
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"You can devote a lot of effort into taking out cost, and it takes you six to twelve months to do it, and actually with a two months study on pricing you can get the same margin impact."

Murray Hennessy
CEO Great Wolf Resorts
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"You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired you two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon."

Edward Kirathe
Founder and CEO Acorn Holdings Africa
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Simon-Kucher was a great partner during our research phase. We appreciated their support, expertise and partnership throughout the process of developing Uber Rewards.

Barney Harford
Former COO, Uber
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"The pricing and packaging work Simon Kucher did for us was game changing, up there with the most successful projects we've ever done here at Eventbrite."

Nels Gilbreth
Head of commercial strategy, Eventbrite

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Find out how we grow our clients’ revenues and profit in an increasingly digital world.

Founded in Germany in 1985, Simon-Kucher today is a truly global strategy consultancy with around 1,300 employees in 38 offices worldwide.

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