ESG Case Study: Simon-Kucher Supports Hong Kong Non-Profit

Our consultants undertake pro bono activities all over the world. This time they landed in Hong Kong. There, the team developed a comprehensive strategy for a non-profit organization called Crossroads Foundation, to reach, educate, and engage more people in the local community.

What is Crossroads?

Crossroads Foundation is an international non-profit organization, assisting people in need both locally and globally. Locally, Crossroads collects and distributes aid to vulnerable families. Globally, it helps tackle entrenched poverty by providing donated goods to over 90 countries.

While the Foundation is international, it plays an important role in educating and engaging the local Hong Kong community on broader development-related themes. Through its Global X-perience program, Crossroads also seeks to raise awareness on global issues.

The program is a series of simulations that enables visitors to experience what it’s like to live with urgent challenges such as poverty, water scarcity, and war. This program is so successful that it’s even been run for global leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Building on this success, Crossroads has also launched Global Village. Global Village is an interactive, experiential space that gives families in Hong Kong the opportunity to further engage with global issues. In doing so, Crossroads hopes to raise awareness, build empathy, and foster action in local and global communities.

How did Simon-Kucher help?

  • Our role was to define Crossroads Foundation’s marketing and launch strategy for Global Village
  • We segmented the Hong Kong population to identify potential visitor profiles and their key needs and value drivers
  • We defined the most effective branding and marketing levers to increase awareness of the Global Village brand. The aim was to encourage more local Hong Kong families to visit 
  • We developed a launch framework to drive engagement through interactive exhibits and activities

Many companies serve the poor out of their leftovers, Simon-Kucher serves from their strength, pouring everything in on behalf of those who’ve been left out.

David Begbie,
Director, Crossroads Foundation

It was really rewarding to help define Crossroads’ marketing and launch strategy in order to drive the impact we know it deserves. David and his team were engaged and collaborative throughout, which made the project that much more meaningful. We wish Crossroads and the Global Village every success.

Alex Ma,
Manager, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Will Simon-Kucher work on similar projects in the future?

From social to environmental pro bono projects, we are always looking for ways of making a positive impact. Stay tuned for more news on what our consultants are doing to lead the charge on uplifting communities and economies for the better.


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