Equitable Access for Pharma in Emerging Markets and LMICs


Unveiling the next chapter of the Pharma growth story

Pharmaceutical companies often face criticism for disproportionately prioritizing new drug launches in high-income countries, while simultaneously neglecting the promotion of equitable healthcare in LMICs. Yet, these regions offer immense growth potential and a chance to promote global healthcare equity while fulfilling pharma ESG target commitments. How to solve this struggle? 

In our recent webinar, we explored arguments supporting equitable drug access, providing valuable insights into the vast untapped potential of emerging markets and showcasing successful strategies adopted by leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Watch the recording and gain knowledge in four key areas:

  1. Understanding emerging markets and LMICs: Gain insights on the distinct opportunities and challenges prevalent in emerging markets, home to 85% of the world’s population but with a severe lack of access to vital innovative medicines.
  2. Arguments in support of equitable drug access: Explore the transformative potential of LMICs, delivering value to patients, healthcare systems, payers, employees, and shareholders, thereby driving long-term sustainable growth for pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Case studies: Learn from the best practices of pharma pioneers with real-world case studies, examining strategies including second-brand strategies, tiered-pricing strategies, and tailored market access strategies to expand access in LMICs.
  4. LMIC access framework: Understand what it takes to be successful in emerging markets and LMICs and find tailored, company and product-specific solutions through Simon-Kucher’s strategic LMIC access framework, offering practical guidance to pharma companies that seek to capitalize on the opportunities of LMICs sustainably.

Watch our webinar and unlock the untapped revenue potential in emerging markets while fulfilling our duty to corporate social responsibility.

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