Case Study

Becoming a forerunner in sustainability with CO2-reduced sugar


Our client, a leading crop processing company, made a strategic decision to become a forerunner in de-fossilizing the sugar industry

As part of this journey, our client asked us to work with them to design and evaluate options for a CO2-reduced sugar offering.


Our solution involved a comprehensive approach to product innovation and commercialization

We analyzed the market landscape of peers and proxies for existing and future offerings

We validated customer requirements for chain of custody options to ensure credibility and trustworthiness along the value chain. Paired with end-consumer studies, we ensured commercialization readiness and derived a robust commercial strategy. Ultimately, our client launched a TÜV-verified (production lifecycle stage: “cradle to factory gate”) CO2-reduced sugar by allocating biogas generated from the wastewater treatment in the factory to a specific quantity of sugar produced there.


The impact of our efforts is significant:

CO2-reduced sugar boasts a 43% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional sugar from the same factory

“Simon-Kucher worked closely with our central and country teams throughout the entire process, from offer development and validation to market launch and customer marketing. We are proud to be the first in the industry to commercialize CO2-reduced sugar.”

-- Client statement

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