Case Study

Driving a successful product launch amidst strong market presence

Discover how we worked with our client to develop a competitive commercial and pricing strategy


A prominent animal health manufacturer partnered with us to define the best commercial and pricing strategy for its new product.

The challenge was figuring out how to launch and differentiate a product in a category where the manufacturer already has strong pre-existing brands.

Our client’s goal was to introduce innovation within the existing portfolio in a new channel (OTC vs. Rx). 


To bring this vision of innovation to life, the manufacturer needed to identify the optimal commercial strategy and pricing levels for the new product.

Our first step was to gain insights into pet owners’ decision-making.

We started with a market landscape assessment to understand the owners’ needs and decision-making drivers. We also evaluated how different sales channels influenced their decision-making.

Following that, we applied a multi-method approach to evaluate different launch price options based on revenue potential, strategic fit, and cannibalization risk.  

In addition, we carefully assessed cross-country implications. 


Our client was successful in integrating the new product smoothly with their existing product portfolio.

Our project helped them to develop a clear positioning, pricing, and communication strategy to fence different channels and mitigate cannibalization risks. Based on this, they were able to develop a winning strategy that was targeted to drive growth. 

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