The EU AI Act: Navigate the new frontier of trustworthy AI with Simon-Kucher

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This AI Act aims to safeguard Europe, uphold fundamental rights, and closely monitor high-risk AI systems while ensuring business growth.  

Businesses, take note: Europe has unveiled a comprehensive blueprint for safe and reliable artificial intelligence (AI) – the AI Act. This is your moment to pivot toward a future where AI is not only innovative but also trustworthy and aligned with stringent ethical standards.

A fresh era of AI responsibility

We've witnessed major advancements in AI, raising questions about fundamental rights and ethical use. The EU's proactive stance ensures AI respects democracy and environmental sustainability while fostering innovation. This Act spells out clear rules based on an AI system's impact level, putting you at the helm of responsible AI utilization.

Prohibitions and penalties: What's off the table?

Several AI applications are now banned due to their potential to infringe on personal freedoms and disrupt democratic processes. Emotion recognition in workplaces, unrestricted biometric data scraping, and social scoring can no longer lurk in any corner of the EU. For those navigating these waters, the Act brings a clear message: respect for human rights is not optional. Non-compliance with these rules could result in fines as steep as €35 million or up to seven percent of global turnover.

Threshold for high-risk AI

High-risk AI systems carry added responsibilities with mandatory fundamental rights impact assessments, especially pertinent to sectors like banking and insurance. Systems influencing elections or those impacting voters also fall under this category – a clear nod to safeguarding democratic integrity.

Your data, your advantage

Your exclusive data sources are assets awaiting monetization through GenAI. By customizing AI tools with your data, you unlock innovation that speaks directly to your business requirements. This personalized touch positions you at the forefront of market trends, responding to consumer needs with agility and insight that outpaces competitors.

Time, technology, and trust

Harnessing technology should amplify your productivity, not complicate it. GenAI presents a catalyst to expedite processes, yet its adoption must be done responsibly. It's about instituting practices that uphold the sanctity of copyright law and privacy, ensuring your pursuit of efficiency upholds the trust your clients place in you.

Simon-Kucher: Pioneering trusted AI monetization

At Simon-Kucher, we specialize in deploying commercialization models that best suit you. We’ll walk you through implementing GenAI while honoring the legal frameworks and ethical standards set by the EU AI Act. Our focus on strategic growth ensures you leverage technology to enhance your business without transgressing the bounds of responsibility.

Bridging the new with the necessary, we ensure your journey into the era of intelligent technology is one marked by innovation, respect, and integrity.

Let us show you the way. Reach out to Simon-Kucher today, and together, we’ll unlock the potential of GenAI in your business – responsibly, sustainably, and lucratively. Your path to monetizing GenAI, guided by expertise and driven by ethics, begins here. 

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