Case Study

Greening of an entire B2C and B2B electricity portfolio


As a major provider in the energy and utilities sector,

our client tasked Simon-Kucher with the greening of their entire B2C and B2B electricity portfolio

The overarching goal was to achieve a CO2 reduction of up to 85% by reducing Scope 2 emissions for B2B customers and significantly reducing the client’s own Scope 3 emissions.


Our solution entailed a comprehensive analysis of the current electricity mix and meticulous portfolio planning spanning the subsequent three to five years

We created and evaluated several greening scenarios, considering various procurement sources, generation types, regions, and contract models

Our approach involved the price-optimized diversification of procurement strategies, considering European requirements for Guarantees of Origin (GoO). We explored implementation scenarios, weighing the benefits of a major rollout versus a gradual ramp-up over three years.


The potential impact of fully implementing the greening scenarios is significant:

We projected savings of 4.1 million tons of CO2 per year, supporting a successful climate-protection and CO2-mitigation strategy through renewable energy practices.

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