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How we helped revitalize tourism promotion in the MENA region

Discover how we helped our client unlock better growth.


A prominent MENA-based public sector tourism authority aimed to promote their country as a top tourism destination and drive growth.

Our client needed to develop extensive strategies to strengthen their tourism marketing initiatives.

Seeking to attract both domestic and international tourists, the tourism authority reached out to us for marketing execution support.

Our objective: to develop and execute five major global marketing campaigns to boost awareness and visitor numbers. In short, revitalize our client’s tourism sector.


We started by defining clear objectives that would help enhance our client’s global perception as a top-tier destination.

In order to reach this goal, we created an overarching campaign strategy and determined the creative direction we should follow. We set precise timelines and milestones for each of the five marketing campaigns.

Throughout the project, we assisted with content development and ensured a consistent and timely collaboration process with key internal and external stakeholders. This was instrumental in the timely delivery of assets over eight different channels, spanning social media platforms to airport terminals.

We carefully planned our implementation approach for the most effective reach. First, we initiated a gradual roll-out of our different marketing efforts, focusing on regions identified for immediate impact. We followed this up by looking at cross-channel data to get a complete picture of how well our campaign was working across all platforms.

Our team consistently monitored key performance indicators against predefined benchmarks to make informed adjustments to our campaigns and minimize any negative impact. Additionally, we ensured our promotional content met international standards and observed local cultural practices to connect with our target audience.

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Starting with the on-time launch of all five campaigns, our client achieved impressive results.

We provided the tourism authority with clear creative direction and guidelines for all agencies while also ensuring that all assets met expectations. Despite some scheduling constraints, we achieved optimized results through effective coordination, communication, and resource utilization. 

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