Marketing with generative AI: How to boost your creative output with ChatGPT

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Creativity is at the heart of marketing. In this article, our experts at Simon-Kucher Elevate discuss how combining creativity with GenAI's language processing capabilities can ignite unprecedented growth and innovation. 

Creative forces are always on the move. And now is no time to lay back and let generative AI take over. Instead, there’s an opportunity to grow together with this technology.  

As a marketer, it’s crucial to learn how to best use GenAI algorithms to elevate the output of your work while being aware of this transformative technology’s limitations. It’s all about understanding the use cases and setting up the algorithms in the right places to enhance your value creation. 

Although GenAI cannot understand the deeper emotions and shared experiences that inspire human creativity, it is already able to match humans’ creative output by recognizing patterns and correlations in existing data and responding to customer needs/desires. When merged with insights from human marketers, it’s a powerful combination. 

Let’s ask ChatGPT what it thinks about creative marketing and content creation. 

The power of generative AI in content 

Imagine a world where AI can craft compelling ad copies, write engaging blog posts, and curate captivating social media content, effortlessly. Generative AI has made this vision a reality. Through advanced natural language processing models, AI can generate content that aligns seamlessly with brand voice and marketing objectives. Additionally, it can transcend language barriers, producing content in multiple languages and tones to reach a broader audience. (ChatGPT, August 2023) 

Articles written by Generative AI and those written by humans are getting harder and harder to distinguish, even by experienced editors. Advanced GenAI models can be fine-tuned to mimic the tone and cadence of marketers to quickly generate marketing content that reinforces brand messaging. More and more content marketers will train GenAI to write in their tone of voice and then edit and rephrase the content to align it with their brand’s messages. Moreover, GenAI can enable you to create individual content for different regions and communities, and in different target languages and dialects.  

Three use cases for GenAI in content creation 

  1. Automated ad campaigns: Online ad writing is about quality but also quantity.  Marketing departments that utilize GenAI can create an abundance of slogans (with fitting graphics) for your target keywords and campaigns. Marketers only need to filter through GenAI’s suggestions, basing their decisions on historical ad performance and audience data.  
    Reinforcement learning methods can apply this input to improve future outputs and suggestions. Algorithms then pre-select slogans that your customers will likely prefer. In the next step, they test and trial them on different channels and target groups until your ads reach optimal engagement levels. 

  2. Blog post generation:  Want to enhance your SEO capabilities while staying true to your brand? You can train GenAI to create content based on SEO keyword insights and your preferred vocabulary, style, and tone and then generate successful content that is tailored to specific platforms, demographics, and engagement patterns. Although human editors and writers are still in high demand to craft the content into digestible forms, GenAI is turning into a powerful tool to create ideas, give insights, and create content that truly captures your audience’s attention. 
    Some writing, such as content for backlink building, is already getting fully automated by GenAI. But also here, content departments should carefully strategize as overusing GenAI while not maintaining high quality controls and checking for plagiarism might damage the authority score of your domains. 

  3. Automated graphics and video production: Unify content and visuals for your social media campaigns. Generative AI can create graphics and video content that fit your existing campaign strategy and are aimed at evoking specific emotions in your target audiences. It can design banners, advertisement, and a wide range of visuals and videos for social media, including incorporating subtitle generator seamlessly. Analyzing your customers’ preferences, it will help you personalize and find the visuals that resonate the most with your audience.  
    Just imagine a movie trailer that shows every customer the exact scenes they most emphasize with. Soon it will be the same for any product you bring to market, making advertisement and content a deeply personal experience. 

ChatGPT has its own words on the topic: 

Revolutionizing campaign strategies with GenAI 

GenAI unleashes the full potential of personalization, transforming marketing campaigns into impactful journeys of delight and satisfaction. In the dynamic landscape where one-size-fits-all approaches fall flat, GenAI emerges as the beacon of innovation, guiding marketers toward unprecedented heights of success and setting a new standard for what it means to truly understand and cater to their audience. (ChatGPT, August 2023) 

Utilize these insights carefully. In our age where it’s soon going to be expected for marketing campaigns to deliver personal and individual messages, it’s even more important to be at the forefront of analytic tech to figure out which campaign strategies can address which customers’ needs. Our experts have identified three key domains, where GenAI can help you the most. 

Top three ways GenAI can support marketing 

  1. Personalization at scale: Scale your marketing campaigns with GenAI – from personalized emails to personalized product recommendations. Online advertising and social media feeds are already displaying preferred content to potential customers, but to keep up with recent AI developments you should scale up on personalization. The long-term goal is to address each user with individual content using images, texts, and specific IPs to support your brand image and promote new products that cater to your customers’ needs and desires. 

  2. Sentiment analysis: GenAI can detect how customers and influencers are responding to your brand messages on social media, which gives you a powerful basis to steer the conversation around the most trending topics and adapt your brand’s messages and tone to nudge your customers into buying your products – fostering a stronger emotional connection with your brand. 


  1. Churn rate reduction: It’s five times more expensive to win over new customers than to retain existing ones! Know your customers well and react to their preferences before even they have figured out their next steps. Advanced language models can analyze reasons for customer churn and identify potential churn risks.  
    Our Simon-Kucher Elevate team can help you in the next step to set up the strategy and algorithms that segment your customers based on individual churn risk, value, and tenure and tackle them with the right action to retain them.  

GenAI can then identify potential churn drivers and help you to define measures along the customer journey specific to customers with a higher churn risk. Using customized GenAI churn prevention methods, you can reduce customer churn by over 20 percent! 

Three ways to enhance customer experiences with GenAI  

GenAI is a relentless companion throughout the entire customer journey, anticipating needs, and providing timely support. Whether it's a virtual concierge, a knowledgeable assistant, or an engaging storyteller, GenAI infuses every touchpoint of the customer experience with a magical blend of innovation and empathy. (ChatGPT, August 2023) 

Turn every customer experience into an individual experience by improving recommendation engines and personalized content.  

  1. Virtual assistants and advanced chat bots: From greeting your customers via virtual and interactive messages from their favorite sports and rock stars, to chat bots that act like your customers’ new best friends – GenAI can use your customer data to enable personalized chat experiences with human-like virtual assistants.  
    Check out Virgin Voyages’ collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, JenAI, an avatar that sends out highly personalized video invitations, encouraging customers to book their next adventure on one of their cruise ships. 

  2. Personalized user interfaces can integrate A/B testing: Through massive A/B testing, it’s possible to enhance the look of your websites and increase your engagement levels. Generative AI can tailor content to your customers’ preferences, unlocking a new level of personalization for your campaigns and ad strategies.  
    It’s all about having the right look at the right time. Competing against millions of different websites your domain needs to utilize everything GenAI data analytics can provide if you want to catch your audience’s attention.   

  3. Interactive customer experiences: Allow AI to turn into an interactive storyteller. Graphic imagery is one of the most effort- and time-consuming to build, but with GenAI it will soon be possible to generate large interactive meta worlds – from augmented reality to the realms of Disney-like VR customer experiences. Soon the boundaries between VR and reality will fade. GenAI knows how to tailor these concepts to your customers and guide them through augmented and virtual worlds. Don’t miss out on the opportunities!  

Expand your value creation with GenAI 

With AI switching from supporter to creator, marketing departments’ outputs can reach new heights. But the competition on the market will also increase.  

With so much personalization and individualization, it’s essential that marketing departments utilize the full power of data analytics and insight-driven interactive dashboards to know the exact output of their GenAI algorithms. Our experts from Simon-Kucher Elevate can support you every step of the way. 

We believe it’s important that you and your team members remain the final decision makers on marketing content. While GenAI is a powerful new technology, it comes with risks and limitations like any other tool. That’s why our solution is not a black box. 

Instead, we champion transparency in the models’ outputs and empower your teams to use it safely and in the most effective way. We believe that understanding this technology to its full extent is the key to unlocking decades of stronger brand communication and driving nuanced customer communication.  

Join us on the journey to the tech revolution – overcoming any obstacle in your way! 

GenAI needs huge amounts of data, which makes data privacy another concern. Being transparent about your GenAI strategy and stressing the benefits of personalization will get your customers on side.  

Once marketers have customer consent, they can unleash the full power of GenAI to generate creative and interactive customer journeys from first contact to lifelong brand connections.  

Businesses who understand how to use this transformative technology effectively can derive an invaluable competitive edge in an era of unprecedented competition. Contact us today to learn more! 

It’s time to join the tech revolution with the guidance of our Simon-Kucher Elevate experts. 

Note to the reader: OpenAI’s GPT-4 model was used in the development of this article. 

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