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What is the METAVERSE?

The metaverse has the potential to change the way the world and society operates. From a commercial perspective, the metaverse will create new products, new business models, and new sales, marketing, and monetization approaches. It will extend how we engage with consumers, enhance how we conduct business between companies and redefine how we build brands.

It will evolve how we create sustainable growth for our businesses.

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Selling cars with virtual dealerships and AI: Fiat’s Metaverse Store
Virtual dealerships: A way to connect with customers in a more immersive and convenient buying experience?
How a Web3 platform is revolutionizing a global brand
Nike is taking a major step forward in the world of Web3 and digital fashion with the launch of its standalone platform, .SWOOSH.
How Starbucks is using Web3 to create the ultimate loyalty program
Starbucks is building on their strong foundation in loyalty programs with the introduction of Starbucks Odyssey.
Metaverse interoperability: Avatars trailblaze new business model
In our brochure “Unlocking the metaverse” we describe (among other things) our vision of the metaverse and the key characteristics it’s built upon.
Bridging the gap between physical and virtual fashion
An expected increase in metaverse usage coupled with more advanced VR environments and virtual avatar creation has driven many brands to explore the sale of virtual goods. A prime example is Parallel by Tommy Hilfiger.
In-car virtual reality experiences powered by the blockchain
Holoride – an Audi spin-off founded in 2018 – is focused on bringing the metaverse into vehicles.

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Crypto Market Crash: Debunking Myths and Forging a Plan
The collapse of cryptocurrency markets has wounded crypto firms, dulled interest among traditional banks and wealth managers in developing crypto-based products and services and has encouraged regulators to re-evaluate whether crypto is a suitable option for retail investors.
Insurance trends in the metaverse
The metaverse and its underlying technologies offer significant commercial opportunities to drive growth for insurers in both the short and long term. Successfully laying the foundations for this growth requires clarity and flexibility across four commercial growth levers: strategy, sales, marketing, and monetization.
Fashion and designer NFTs: Why luxury brands can’t afford to miss out on this trend
NFTs – non-fungible tokens – are a huge trend in the digital and gaming industries.
Corporate Tokenization: The Quiet Revolution of Digital Commerce
The pace of technology adoption is constantly accelerating.
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It is difficult to predict how the metaverse and Web3 will shape the future of business, but every industry will be impacted in one form or another. Simon-Kucher Elevate can help you react to this opportunity.