North American Results to the 2023 Global Pricing Study

Construction and Building Materials Manufacturers

Are construction and building materials companies prepared for sustainable growth in 2024 and beyond?

Find out more from the biggest global pricing study.

Through data and actionable insights, our industry specialists unpack how construction and building material industry leaders are approaching 2024. This research, unparalleled in its scope, not only delivers to industry trends but also opportunities for strategic growth.

Dive into our in-depth analysis of global pricing within the North American construction and building materials sector. Our specialists deliver actionable insight to refine pricing strategies and secure a competitive advantage on various topics, including:

  • Pricing Landscape in 2023
  • Commercial Priorities for 2024
  • Anticipated Challenges in 2024

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Poised for Growth

Construction businesses were on the right side of inflation...

but did they meet their pricing goals?

In the twelfth year of our Global Pricing Study we conducted a comprehensive survey involving over 2,700 participants.

This survey focused on assessing companies’ commercial priorities, economic sentiment, pricing strategies, and their implications for management.

Read along as we delve into the results for the North American construction industry.

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