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With our help, how a start-up commercialized a breakthrough therapy

Discover how we helped our client unlock better growth.


With the growing scale of R&D investment in pharmaceuticals, having an effective go-to-market strategy delivering clear business impact is fundamental to commercializing new therapies.

Our client, a US-based pharmaceutical start-up, was looking to commercialize its first drug a breakthrough therapy in Europe for an ophthalmologic disease.

They approached us to develop an optimized go-to-market strategy, including a clear assessment of resources and expenditures to commercialize the therapy in Europe effectively.


Our team started with a comprehensive market overview.

We evaluated the satisfaction with current alternatives, unmet medical needs perceived, willingness to pay and overall market and pricing potential.

Following this, we conducted a commercialization benchmarking, assessing our client against other start-up companies that had already successfully commercialized their own first product within these markets.

Finally, we built out the commercialization requirements, including the commercial infrastructure, resources and FTE requirements, organizational build-up, NPV-based revenue forecasts, and commercialization cost estimates.


Conducting such a thorough analysis allowed us to create clear recommendations.

We were able to suggest an optimal commercialization strategy for our client looking at originator commercialization versus a partnership model or out-licensing.

Determining the exact resource requirements, investment and based on a sophisticated NPV model for each option allowed our client to move forward with greater confidence in their go-to-market strategy.

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