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Nordic TopLine Power Breakfast Club


Knowledge sharing, commercial tools, and intriguing case studies. The TopLine Power Breakfast Club is a network for those interested in achieving their commercial growth potential.

Growth is one of the most important areas for equity value creation. However, many companies struggle to deliver the desired growth. The TopLine Power Breakfast Club is a Nordic network for professionals working with commercial growth topics.

Simon-Kucher & Partners would like to invite you to participate in our quarterly breakfast meetings focusing on Topline Power. In each session, professionals and experts in the field will present the latest findings and case studies on how to improve topline growth.

You will have the opportunity to learn from presentations on pricing, sales, and marketing strategies, work on key issues with peers and industry experts, and discuss best practices with insight from multiple industries. Furthermore, the events will enable you to develop your network with others in the industry.

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The TopLine Power Breakfast Club is intended for professionals working in the areas of business development, strategic sales, marketing, and pricing. Participation is nonbinding and free of charge. An email will be sent out before each meeting, and members can decide whether they would like to participate in the individual event. If you have any questions, fell free to contact

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