Jens Hasche

About Jens

Jens is a Partner at Simon-Kucher and works out of our Cologne office. He is a member of Simon-Kucher's global Software, Internet & Media practice.

Jens's consulting focus is on creating value for software, database, and IT providers (e.g. SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, IoT); online marketplaces; and eCommerce platforms; as well as clients from non-software industries that want to develop or transition to new business models. 

Jens specializes in monetization and sales strategy, product/portfolio development, and customer base management and organizational transition. He has expertise in behavioral pricing, customer research methods, and organizational change.

Jens is a regular speaker at software and IoT monetization industry events where he talks about monetizing innovations, transitioning to subscription models, and improving customer centricity. He studied psychology with a focus on consumer psychology, organizational psychology, and statistical methods in Heidelberg, Mannheim, and San Diego. His master’s thesis on the optimization of cluster analyses has been published in a leading peer-reviewed journal on artificial intelligence.