Dr. Karl-Heinz Sebastian

  • Founder
  • Cologne, Germany

About Karl-Heinz

Dr. Karl-Heinz Sebastian is a co-founder and Senior Partner of Simon-Kucher & Partners. He studied macroeconomics at the Universities of Siegen, Bonn, and Los Angeles (UCLA) and received his doctorate at the University of Bielefeld. He has been working as a business consultant since 1985. Dr. Sebastian leads the Competence Centers of "Construction Technology" and "Chemicals".

His consulting work focuses on the development of marketing, price and sales strategies, particularly for companies in the industries of construction technology and chemicals. Dr. Sebastian has led and moderated numerous conferences, symposiums, workshops and seminars. He has published work on pricing and marketing strategies in economic and specialty publications. As a columnist, he frequently deals with questions concerning the area of sales.

His current work concentrates on the topics of revenue management and the exploitation of earning potentials in sales and pricing processes.