Rainer Opgen-Rhein

About Rainer

Dr. Dr. Rainer Opgen-Rhein is Head of Elevate Healthcare & Life Sciences and a Partner working out of the company's office in Munich, Germany since March 2010. Before that, he worked in the company's headquarters in Bonn, Germany.

After receiving his degree in business administration, Rainer completed his doctorate in statistics, focusing on statistical genetics and the application of statistical methods in medicine at the LMU University of Munich. At the same time, he also finished his doctorate in economic ethics at the LMU University of Munich.

At Simon-Kucher, he specializes in strategic marketing and pricing of pharmaceuticals, market entry, and P&R strategies.

In the Life Sciences division, he spearheads Simon-Kucher Elevate, the consultancy's digital consulting business to leverage advanced analytics and digital tool development for sustained topline growth. One application is the development of optimal cross-country and launch sequence strategies to mitigate the impact of international reference pricing.

Rainer has led multiple multinational projects for numerous clients in the life sciences industry.