Salim Al Gudhea

About Salim

Salim is a Partner and leads the firm’s operations in Saudi Arabia. With 25 years of experience, his career in strategic advisory, consulting, and government roles has positioned him as a key figure in economic development and strategic consulting. His expertise spans Innovation, Strategy & Planning, and Financial Economics. 

Before joining Simon-Kucher, Salim was the Founder and Managing Partner of Wazeen Consulting, a boutique firm in Saudi Arabia specializing in strategic and economic advisory across multiple sectors such as Culture, Entertainment, Sports, and Tourism since 2019. 

As an Independent Advisor, Salim offered strategic guidance on projects like the Cinema Launch in Saudi Arabia and the design and deployment of a national “Cultural Fund.” His notable roles include CEO of the General Entertainment Authority and Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economy and Planning in KSA, where he contributed to national transformational initiatives. He also worked for key institutions such the Saudi Central Bank and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Salim's academic background includes a Ph.D. in Economics from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and executive education from IMD and Harvard Kennedy School. In addition to his consulting work, Salim has authored numerous academic publications, such as in the Journal of Economics and Business, Economic Systems, and Journal of Emerging Markets.