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Simon-Kucher grows revenue by 21 percent and unveils new brand identity for 2023

After more than three decades of growth, the global consultancy reveals a complete brand refresh to reflect its current market position and offering.

February 15, 2023 – Simon-Kucher today announced its 2022 annual revenue of 534.9 million euros (563.2 million US dollars), a growth rate of 21 percent.

The company’s impressive growth was powered by each of its sectors -- with especially high growth in its Technology, Media, & Telecom sector, as well as from its Industrials and Financial Services sectors. While the global consultancy operates out of 30 countries, North America continues to be its fastest-growing region.

Simon-Kucher welcomed the new year by unveiling its new brand identity and purpose of “Unlocking better growth”, which represents how Simon-Kucher achieves better, higher-quality growth for its clients, increasing sales and long-term, sustainable profit.

“The next chapter of our story is based on a very clear insight into something that is at the core of everything we do and something every company is challenged with globally: growth,” said Mark Billige, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher. “To put it simply, our vision is to be known as the world’s leading growth specialist.”

Building on a heritage of being the world leader in pricing

Having built a reputation and earned accolades for its pricing specialism over the past decades, Simon-Kucher has for many years been broadening its offering to advise clients on how to optimize every lever of their commercial strategy – product, innovation, marketing, sales, and pricing. This is based on their deep insight into what customers want and value. The new branding reflects the company’s growth over nearly four decades and its positioning as a leading global consultancy and challenger brand.

We have grown consistently for over three decades; that’s an astonishing feat driven by client demand for our services,” said Billige. “We are renowned for our pricing expertise, which remains a core offering, but our clients have looked for a more holistic approach for several years. We are increasingly advising them on optimizing every lever of their commercial strategy to drive growth – increasing their long-term sales, value, and profit."

Better growth starts with Simon-Kucher

“As we move forward with a clear objective of helping our clients achieve a better kind of growth, it’s critical that we also practice what we preach,” said Andreas von der Gathen, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher. “Throughout our journey, we’ve never failed to hold ourselves to our own growth ambitions as a firm. As we’ve done every year since 1985, we spent the past year investing in top talent, building our presence in key markets across the globe, and developing a dynamic and accessible leadership team. We have expanded our offer to include world-class digital consulting, transactions services and software teams.”

In 2022, 35 new Partners were appointed across 16 countries, bringing the total to 190 Partners worldwide. The company now has more than 2,000 employees, a 90 percent increase over the past five years.

Simon-Kucher also grew its physical presence with the announcement of offices in three new countries, bringing the total count to 45 offices in 30 countries worldwide. The company’s newest offices are located in Seoul, South Korea; Johannesburg, South Africa; and opening soon in Mumbai, India – each emerging growth markets for the firm.

“Now our brand truly reflects who we are, what we do, and what we stand for, providing our clients and people with high-quality services, relationships, and experiences,” said Mark Cullen, CMO of Simon-Kucher.

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