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Simon-Kucher & Partners welcomes Anne Rupp as Global Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Director

With 20 years of experience in restructuring and implementing new processes and more than a decade of sustainability & corporate responsibility experience, Rupp will shape and drive the global consulting firm’s corporate social responsibility strategy and agenda

December 7, 2021 – Anne Rupp has joined Simon-Kucher as the firm’s first Global CR & Sustainability Director. As Global CR & Sustainability Director, Rupp leads the consultancy's Global CSR Committee and reports directly to co-CEOs Andreas von der Gathen and Mark Billige, as well as the Board.

Rupp, who will work from the Berlin office in her global role, has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of sustainability & corporate responsibility. This includes her role at NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) where she advised numerous leading companies on various CSR topics. Most recently, Rupp worked at Scout24 AG in Berlin where she drove the strategic expansion of sustainability within the organization. Additionally, Rupp has held roles in the tourism and energy and waste sectors, and cross-sector congresses.

"With sustainability and CSR topics being at the forefront of Simon-Kucher’s goals, we are so pleased to have Anne on board and helping us drive meaningful impact," said von der Gathen. "Anne will play a significant role in shaping and implementing our policies and processes around sustainability, and with her experience, I have great confidence that she will help us accomplish tremendous success."

As part of her role at Simon-Kucher, Rupp will be responsible for organizing key internal initiatives and global efforts of corporate sustainability and community engagement (e.g. pro bono and social start-up mentoring programs). She will lead and promote internal environmental sustainability and CO2 goals, as well as establish strategic partnerships with social enterprises and NGOs to support sustainability.

“Simon-Kucher is very professional and a young, spirited, growing company. The internal CSR committee has done a fantastic job and built a strong foundation on which we can grow,” said Rupp. “I am very excited for the opportunity to drive our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts into the future. Moving forward, it is my goal that each business decision made should take ESG into consideration. Therefore, I am thrilled to anchor the team that will integrate sustainability even deeper into the whole business strategy.”

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