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Simon-Kucher recognized as frontrunner in sustainable business travel

The Travel Smart Campaign surveyed 322 companies worldwide to gather information on their travel policy practices and found that only 28 have established policies to shift business travel from air to rail.

November 23, 2023 – Simon-Kucher, a global consultancy firm, has been recognized as a "frontrunner" by Travel Smart – a global campaign led by Transport & Environment, Europe's top NGO for cleaner transport. This accolade applauds Simon-Kucher's commitment to sustainable practices, particularly showcased in their Global Travel Guidelines.

The Travel Smart report conducted an extensive survey involving 322 companies worldwide, delving into their travel policy practices. According to the report, the imperative for companies to transition to rail travel is critical in the pursuit of environmental responsibility. Despite this urgency, the report highlighted a noticeable shortfall in the adoption of rail-centric travel policies among leading corporations.The findings revealed a mere 28 companies with established policies actively promoting the transition from air travel to rail. Simon-Kucher emerged as a beacon among these, demonstrating a tangible commitment to reducing aviation’s climate impact and curbing travel emissions through a proactive shift to rail travel.

Anne Rupp, Global Director of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) at Simon-Kucher, emphasized the firm's dedication to achieving Sustainable Development Goals, stating, "We're at the initial stages of realizing our objective for Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) by 2030 and eventual net-zero status. Being recognized as a 'frontrunner' is a testament to our commitment, underscoring the considerable impact of our travel guidelines in reducing our carbon footprint. This acknowledgment reinforces the integral role each team member plays in propelling positive change."

For further insights into the survey and Travel Smart report, visit the Transport & Environment website.

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