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Steve Jobs
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Your sales team is your most powerful growth engine, but when was the last time you examined your sales approach as critically as you do your manufacturing, supply chain, or purchasing departments?

Take a closer look at your sales organization structure and you may discover the “sales paradox”: all revenue goes through sales, yet the team was built on back-of-the-envelope calculations and gut-driven decision-making.

A more systematic approach to sales force management will put you at a strategic advantage in the battle for revenue, profit and growth. Start thinking about sales force effectiveness and sales excellence today – it’s easier than you think.

Boost your top line sales with the right sales strategy

Reshaping your sales force structure doesn’t have to be a slow and arduous process. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, today’s leaders can critically evaluate their sales organizations using a pain-free and systematic approach. Be it sales channel optimization, sales enablement, quota development, territory optimization or even highly emotive topics like compensation schemes, it has never been easier to unlock hidden potential in your current sales organization and developing a sales strategy. At Simon-Kucher, we know how to generate quick-wins in these five key areas without completely disrupting your sales force.

  • Enable your sales team with the right tools: Equip your sellers with state-of-the-art tools to eliminate waste and increase conversion
  • Optimize field sales and territory: Reveal where a second seller could immediately capture demand thanks to sales territory mapping
  • Increase sales force performance: Use opportunity-driven data to keep sellers focused on attainable targets
  • Incentivize your team with smart compensation schemes: Apply the rules of behavioral psychology to achieve sustainable high-performance
  • Pick the right sales channel strategy: Shift low-value workload from field sellers to centralized resources or ecommerce sales channels

Sales effectiveness – it comes naturally to us

The wins are there, it’s easier than you think, and Simon-Kucher as one of the top sales consulting firms is the right partner for growing your business. Typical sales excellence projects with us deliver 10-20% topline growth. Start your improvement journey today by contacting a Simon-Kucher expert.