ESG Initiatives: Simon-Kucher supports environmental health advocacy

ESG Initiatives

Everyone deserves a clean, healthy world to live in. Our consultants assist THEA’s efforts to increase environmental health literacy with some pro bono work.

What is THEA?

The Texas Health and Environment Alliance, also known as THEA, is a regional nonprofit working to protect public health and environment through education and advocacy. THEA campaigns for clean-up of sites that suffer from historical contamination due to mismanagement of hazardous waste.

Houston has over two dozen toxic waste sites. Also referred to as Superfund sites, these pose great risk to public health and environment due to air, water, and soil contamination. Since its launch in 2015, THEA has built a coalition of more than 58,000 residents and influenced more than 122 million US dollars in EPA-ordered cleanup projects.

Working with the Simon-Kucher team expanded THEA's scope of funding prospects to increase our budget and capacity. The SKP team supported THEA by identifying key areas of interest for large funders and repositioning our communication tools to propel our brand.

- Jackie Medcalf, THEA Founder

thea team

How did Simon-Kucher help?

Our Houston team helped THEA identify strategies to target and solicit funding from different non-profit funding organizations.

  • We offered a funding strategy that included best practices designed specifically for identifying non-profit funding segments
  • We identified over 50 prioritized funding opportunities consisting of background information, donation history, LinkedIn contact profiles, and next steps for THEA
  • We provided strategic advice for internal operations, communications, and community engagement to help THEA solicit funding from larger national organizations as they develop

Before this project, I was unaware of how extensive Superfund sites are within Houston. As a native Houstonian, it was a privilege to work with a local non-profit that is making Houston safer, healthier, and more environmentally literate through their coalition sites.

- Zach Usry, Simon-Kucher Senior Consultant

SK team

Will Simon-Kucher work on similar projects in the future?

At Simon-Kucher, we take our pro bono work seriously. We are deeply committed to empowering communities and being part of inspiring initiatives. Watch this space as our consultants strive to leave a positive impact on the world through different environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics.

To learn more about our commitment to positive change and sustainability, visit us here.

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