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Mitigate the impact of international reference pricing
Navigate the complexities of international reference pricing with LS Genius | IRP, an advanced AI-based software that helps you optimize cross-country and launch sequence strategies.

Build a successful launch & post-launch strategy

In most markets, national pricing authorities determine the prices for pharmaceutical products by considering the price of the product in other countries. This concept of international reference pricing creates a complex web of regional and global pricing interactions, making it difficult to create an optimal launch and post-launch strategy.
LS Genius | IRP combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with nearly 40 years of expertise from the world’s leading pricing advisor to enable best-in-class management of international reference pricing.

Determine the best international launch sequence, including ideal launch dates and optimal prices in your relevant countries
Analyze pricing risks for every single product within your portfolio
Assess the post-launch impact of international reference pricing over the entire product lifecycle to make effective, strategic decisions


LS Genius | IRP combines Simon-Kucher’s propriety reference pricing rule library with sophisticated analytics – allowing pharmaceutical companies to develop a comprehensive, global launch and post-launch plan. The software also uses a powerful Monte Carlo analysis, which considers informal IRP rules and uncertainty, giving you confidence within your analysis. All managed securely on the cloud.

IRP library

Choose the correct rule from our IRP library -- which contains detailed IRP regulations for 100+ countries. You can also flexibly adjust the rules to meet your exact requirements.

Detailed IRP impact

Assess the IRP impact on list and net prices and the subsequent volume, revenue, and profit development for each country in a certain time period.

KPI overview​

Receive a quick, easy to read summary of your drug's revenue and profit potential, with and without the impact of international reference pricing.

Case studies

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Unlocking revenue potential

Creating an advanced analytics tool that is specifically targeted to cope with the real-life complexities of IPR​

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Actionable launch & post launch strategy

Developing an international reference pricing and launch sequence strategy​ for a global life sciences company

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Rainer Opgen-Rhein

Dr. Dr. Rainer Opgen-Rhein


Rainer Opgen-Rhein focusses on strategic marketing and pricing of pharmaceuticals, market entry, and P&R strategies. He also spearheads Simon-Kucher Elevate partnership with the life sciences practice to leverage advanced analytics and digital tool development for sustained growth.

Christian Schuler

Christian Schuler

Executive Committee Member and Senior Partner

Christian Schuler specializes in strategic pharmaceutical marketing, value-to-customer, market entry strategies, P&R strategies, innovative pricing strategies, product lifecycle strategies, generics defense strategies, licensing & valuation, commercialization strategies and market forecasting.

Rory Liu

Rory Liu

Head of Product

Rory has been with Simon-Kucher for more than 8 years, working for clients across industries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Rory leads the product team within Simon-Kucher Engine, developing and expanding Simon-Kucher’s SaaS portfolio.

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