Leverage your full price increase potential with SK Pricer | RAISE
Double the success of your price increase campaigns with our software, developed by Simon-Kucher’s pricing experts.

Limited success in the past with price increases? Missing a systematic approach?

In the realm of Business and Professional Services, raising prices among your current clients stands out as a significant catalyst for profitable growth. However, as competition heats up, many companies struggle to meet their pricing targets due to a lack of systematic processes and individual pricing strategies tailored to individual clients.
To safeguard your profit margins from gradual erosion, we’ve introduced SK Pricer | RAISE – a powerful software solution designed to centrally steer your price increase campaign by harnessing the power of data!

Configure the levels – Get central transparency on contracts and calibrate client-specific price increase targets
Prepare the implementation – Support the sales team with clear processes, the right governance measures (incl. incentives), and proven support materials
Roll out initiative – Track the campaign progress and success at the touch of a button

Our past increases were a highly manual task that tied many resources and management attention. The SK Pricer software helped us in streamlining this process while providing full control and transparency.

Client Feedback

Historically, we struggled with translating corporate targets into the right actions. This campaign with Simon-Kucher support was by far the best in terms of goal achievement.

Client Feedback

SK Pricer | RAISE Features

SK Pricer | RAISE is built upon hundreds of successful price increase campaigns in B2B services, leveraging best practices and the key features to ensure success.

Customer-specific target calibration capabilities

A rule-based pricing logic enables you to differentiate price increase targets in line with a customer’s churn risk and willingness-to-pay. Simulations of different price strategies allow you to derive profit-optimal pricing targets and easily share with account managers. All insights will also be summarized in a comprehensive contract inventory.

Battlecards to best prepare for implementation

Provide account managers with an overview of the most relevant price- and non-price margin levers and the corresponding argumentation, helping them to prepare the negotiation in a structured and effective manner – all in a one-page “cheat sheet”

Ongoing monitoring for campaign steering

Obtain ongoing campaign feedback to identify progress and target achievement. Ensure your campaign is running in line with the plan and course correct where needed – before it is too late.

Proven results

The underlying 9-step approach has been successfully applied to 50+ clients over the past 10 years. The most recent examples include:
case Study img

+7.3% achieved price increase

US IT service provider

case Study img

+11.2% achieved price increase

Global outsourcing/financial services provider

case Study img

+8.9% achieved price increase

European security services provider

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Philipp Biermann

Dr. Phil Biermann

Board Member and the Global Head of Logistics and Business Services

Phil has over 20 years’ experience and has helped 100+ clients on 5 continents improve their top and bottom line. He specializes in sales, pricing and revenue management for logistics and business services companies.


Torben Petersen

Senior Director

Throughout his 9 years at Simon-Kucher, Torben has specialized on Commercial Excellence for Professional and Business Services. He was the driving force in transforming the proven price increase process into a highly functional tool solution.

Rory Liu

Rory Liu

Head of Product

Rory has been with Simon-Kucher for more than 8 years, working for clients across industries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Rory leads the product team within Simon-Kucher Engine, developing and expanding Simon-Kucher’s SaaS portfolio.

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