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Negotiate trade terms like a pro
Enable strategic trade terms management and negotiation planning with SK Pricer | Pricer TradeStrat, a customizable intuitive platform designed for branded manufacturers within the consumer goods industry.

No full transparency on current trade terms?
Lacking a strategic trade spend framework?

Manage the gross to net with a more holistic approach to the trade terms process – helping increase conditionality and the impact of trade investments.
SK Pricer | Pricer TradeStrat allows for transparent governance models and guidance to maximize trade spend ROI with a clear, step-by-step process for the definition, negotiation and monitoring of trade terms.

Create a central trade term repository across geographies and accounts to establish a common trade terms language – making information comparable
Visualize current trade terms and net price situation before, during, and after negotiations with retailers to identify trade term and net price risks as well as opportunities on all possible levels
Give key account teams the ability to optimally prepare and execute price and trade term negotiations with retailers by instantaneously simulating the financial impact on the gross to net waterfall and systematically structure the negotiation process


We understand every business has different needs, therefore SK Pricer | Pricer TradeStrat is a ‘made to measure’ model that’s configured to your specific requirements.

Define a global/central playbook as the basis for a common trade terms language

Establish a trade term glossary containing all trade term definitions and central guidelines. This will help you to maintain a common understanding and usage of trade terms within your company.

Analyze your trade investments and net prices using a flexible reporting system

Review, compare, and evaluate the retailers‘ situation before, during, and after the negotiation using a powerful dashboard. It provides a set of flexible reports on trade terms and net prices giving transparency on risks and opportunities.

Plan, structure, and measure the impact of negotiations

Use a structured process to prepare and execute negotiation plans and compare ‘As is’, ‘To be’ and ‘Negotiated’ states. Instantaneously simulate and visualize the implications of discount levels on the waterfall and drill down to single SKUs, including on forecasted list price, volume and COGS changes. Also gain the possibility to aggregate effects on higher levels (e.g., business unit, country or region).

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Tim Brzoska

Senior Partner Consumer Sector

Tim Brzoska is Senior Partner in the consumer sector and based in Cologne. At Simon-Kucher he focuses on the concept development and implementation of revenue management topics with a special expertise in trade terms management.His customers range from global players to mid size companies in food, beverage, near-food and non-food.

Guillermo Sagnier

Guillermo Sagnier


Guillermo Sagnier is the Managing Partner of Simon-Kucher's Barcelona office. He has over 25 years of strategy, marketing, pricing and sales experience serving mainly consumer and retail clients. He’s worked for leading global players as well as mid-sized companies from many European and Latin American countries.

Rory Liu

Rory Liu

Head of Product

Rory has been with Simon-Kucher for more than 8 years, working for clients across industries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Rory leads the product team within Simon-Kucher Engine, developing and expanding Simon-Kucher’s SaaS portfolio.

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