A Winning Client Experience for High-Net-Worth Women

Are you reaching affluent and HNW women clients?

Women are getting wealthier, faster in the US and Canada, but the wealth management industry has not kept up with meeting their financial planning and investing needs.

Despite their rising economic status, affluent and high-net-worth (HNW) women are investing 22 percent less of their wealth in financial instruments compared to their counterparts, according to a Simon-Kucher study. There are a number of indicators to suggest that wealthy women remain an underserved client segment in wealth management.

What can private bank and wealth management executives do to connect with this growing client segment? Simon-Kucher experts share key insights and outline a path towards growth.


Study: Building a Winning Client Experience for Women in Wealth Management
Press Release: Women Investors Underserved as Clients


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New York, USA

New Rules of Engagement: Women in Wealth Management

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