Case Study

Driving global DTx success with strategic commercial and market access support


The right commercial strategy is crucial to help a company commercialize its products and services whilst ensuring customers get the best value.

A global healthcare and life sciences company was interested in entering the digital health market and began developing a new therapeutic solution to treat mental health. The company needed to commercialize this digital therapeutic (DTx) solution and optimize its market potential in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Through a long-term collaboration, we implemented a comprehensive strategy to ensure successful market entry and commercialization of the new DTx solution.


Our team worked closely with the client for more than five years, supporting them with various strategies.

This partnership began with a commercial landscape assessment, progressed into a prioritization roadmap, and ultimately led to a pricing and market access strategy in multiple markets. 

Through our research on regulations, market access, and competition in non-US markets we gained relevant insights into the opportunities and challenges for the solution in each of these key markets.

Our team also explored various monetization models to determine the best pricing strategy for the new therapeutic solution in all markets. We learned from DTx pioneers and identified best practices by analyzing leading companies’ setups, market access strategies, and execution methods.

We applied learnings from over the years to develop a cohesive global market access strategy to ensure successful positioning and engagement with global payers, effectively communicating the solution’s value to different stakeholders.


Our client leveraged the new global market access strategy to bring the DTx solution to market and position it for commercial success.

Our guidance ensured a smooth process through complex regulatory and commercial landscapes in various markets. In 2024, our client anticipates continuing to expand the business and entering new markets.


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