Case Study

Identifying market priorities for a secure communications technology provider


Achieving growth despite lack of focus, target anxiety, and margin pressures

Our client, a leading provider of secure communications technology for the Aerospace & Defense industry, was at risk of spreading its focus too thin due to the high number of growth areas.

As a result, issues with meeting growth targets arose quickly, accompanied by a lack of clarity on the appeal and suitability of company-specific fit of different market segments. To make matters worse, the pressure on margin increases was intensifying, both internally and externally.

In response to the slowdown and missed opportunities, our team was asked to identify and prioritize market segments to enable long-term growth. 


From extensive status-quo analyses to a promising growth strategy

To start, our team of experts conducted strategy workshops and scenario calculations to provide a clear overview of our client’s situation. This included an in-depth evaluation of the existing corporate strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.

After these initial analyses, we developed a company-wide, standardized market segmentation and assessed the client’s existing, complementary, and new business areas. Lastly, we carried out a methodical examination of growth areas. We combined the findings with our earlier project work to create a holistic growth strategy. 


Systematic market development at product, regional, and customer level

The project yielded several useful achievements for our client.

Starting with the development of multiple strategic growth routes, we devised a profitable plan that emphasized the important areas of growth. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive business plan with specific targets for different market segments. This outcome addressed our client’s initial issue and facilitated long-term, profitable growth.