Navigating the new rising rate regime

Optimizing bank deposit strategies for growth, margins and liquidity

As we enter a new era of rising interest rates, retail banks all around the world are asking:

How do we make informed pricing decisions and optimize deposit portfolios for profitable growth?

In the past year, central banks have been raising rates to counter runaway inflation. In the EU, this brought an end to an era of zero and negative interest rate bank products. In the US, bank executives dusted off their rising rate playbooks, shored up deposit cost management, and doubled down on retention efforts.  

In this series of articles, our industry experts share insights, lessons from case studies, and cutting edge approaches to help you optimize bank deposit acquisition, retention and engagement.

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Given current market volatility and shifting economic climate, banks need to act fast to protect their profitable growth. At Simon Kucher, we will help you navigate the new rising rate regimes through informed pricing decisions and optimize deposit portfolios.

With our industry experts and hands-on approach, we will help your business achieve sustainable growth in today’s challenging market.