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Our upcoming series “Unlocking a better future for biotechs: Commercial & P&MA excellence” covers critical success factors related to global commercial / P&MA decision-making in light of the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. Join our experts to address the key topics related to healthcare trends and commercial decision-making in our upcoming sessions.

By attending these webinars, participants gain valuable insights into navigating the evolving healthcare landscape, making informed commercial decisions, and maximizing the success of their products and launches.

Topics include: 

  • Healthcare trends in a post-COVID world – Impact on commercial decision-making: Our first session addresses the impact of COVID-19 on commercial decision-making, highlighting specific trends such as IRA-introduction in the US, increasing payer requirements in the EU,  and the big role of digital health / AI. 
  • How to build a blockbuster? Designing your product strategy with the end in mind: In August, we center around developing a commercially successful blockbuster by considering best in class evidence generation, overall product configuration, and focus on patient population(s) with the highest value (e.g., via diagnostic markers).
  • Launching vs. partnering: Making the right commercialization decisions when growing: The third webinar focuses on the crucial decision making related to global commercialization pathways for growing biotech organizations by exploring key ingredients for commercial success (including insourcing vs. outsourcing, as well as other commercialization models). 
  • Commercial launch excellence on the critical path – Optimizing the launch of your asset: Lastly, the fourth webinar focuses on optimizing the launch success of pipeline drugs by focusing on the right assets and disease areas early on, leveraging learnings from past failures, and implementing effective strategies at each stage of the launch process.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the emerging healthcare trends and how they can effectively adapt the commercial decision-making processes to thrive in the evolving landscape.

We help you to get a guideline to succeed in today's competitive market and share valuable insights on how traditional and non-traditional considerations can make your biotech product a blockbuster.

Additionally, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing commercialization decisions, enabling you to make well-informed choices that align with growth objectives, as well as valuable guidance to optimize the commercial launch and drive the success of your assets.