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Performance by Dimension

Achieve excellence in D2B in 3 dimensions

Creating a successful online offering in B2B requires a proper strategy, great customer experience, and a proper execution to shift customers onto your direct online channel.

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Scale the experience


Set the direction

/ 4.0

It is key to have the right strategic foundation of your D2B online portal in place. In general, there are three key pillars to consider:

  • Strategy
    The strategy and scope of the D2B portal need to be closely aligned with your company's overall vision and objectives.

  • Customers
    Clearly define your target customer segments of your D2B initiatives and their specific needs & requirements.

  • Value Proposition
    Identify the value proposition you need to provide to your customers to drive success and adoption.

Enable the customer journey

/ 4.0

To create a great D2B customer experience, the right functionalities and usability must be provided. To enable the customers three main topics need to be considered:

  • Customer Journey
    Create a seamless online experience that addresses customer pain points and provides real added value.

  • Capabilities
    Ensure your team has the skills, mindset, and way of working to create a state-of-the-art D2B experience.

  • Technology & Data
    Leverage cutting-edge technology and data to enhance the user experience and improve decision-making

Scale the experience

/ 4.0

To realize the potential of a D2B portal, a sufficient level of customer interaction, orders and volume must be shifted onto the online channel. To this end, three pillars should be improved:

  • Organization & Governance:
    Develop a systematic plan to onboard customers, products, and services and establish efficient governance.

  • Performance Management:
    Define and track the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your portal

  • Data-Driven Budgeting:
    Use data-driven insights to allocate resources effectively and achieve your onboarding milestones.

The Four Stages of Maturity

As B2B companies develop their D2B offering along 3 Dimensions, they evolve through 4 stages of maturity.

Your result:

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How to use your Results


You have now received a quick summary of the status quo of your D2B maturity level.
 To understand how exactly you need to proceed in order to be successful in D2B, we recommend to conduct an in-depth analysis.


Develop a clear plan on how to achieve your D2B ambitions. This includes an actionable roadmap covering everything from assessing your D2B strategy to defining the D2B concept and business case for shifting customers onto your D2B portal.


Detail your D2B strategy and scope and define the D2B concept including prioritized use-cases for implementation. Finally, develop the detailed business case to set milestones and targets, define necessary resources and estimate the necessary investment and ROI considering all relevant costs (CAPEX & OPEX).


Communicate and launch your execution. Assign clear responsibilities to each work package and monitor the success of implementation based on your defined milestones.

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