Simonkucher : Heritage

Our founders

Simon-Kucher was founded in 1985 as a university spinoff by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hermann Simon, Dr. Eckhard Kucher, and Dr. Karl-Heinz Sebastian.

Their vision: Use scientific methods to address real-life business challenges and help companies grow.

Initially focusing on the life sciences industry, Simon-Kucher expanded project work to all industries as the idea of strategically using pricing to drive profits rapidly gained acceptance.

Hermann Simon

Led by Professor Hermann Simon, our company soon expanded globally. Key international milestones were the opening of our first US office in Boston in 1996, as well as our first Asia-Pacific office in Tokyo in 2001. Thanks to our strong growth, Simon-Kucher became recognized as the global pricing specialist. In 2004, we were labelled by Business Week as the “world leader in giving advice to companies on how to price their products.” 

In 2009, Professor Simon retired, and was succeeded by Co-CEOs Dr. Georg Tacke and Dr. Klaus Hilleke.

Klaus Hilleke and Georg Tacke

Former PhD students of Professor Simon, both Klaus Hilleke and Georg Tacke joined the company in the eighties. As Partners, they had led large divisions before taking the helm as CEOs. With innovative scientific findings and methods, such as behavioral economics and dynamic pricing, becoming increasingly important for business, Simon-Kucher crossed the 100 million euro mark in 2010 under Tacke’s and Hilleke’s leadership. 

When Klaus Hilleke decided not to continue as CEO at the end of 2016, Georg Tacke stayed on as sole CEO. When he retired at the end of 2019, Tacke handed over a highly specialized and professional company with over 1,400 employees across 41 offices in 26 countries. 

Mark Billige and Andreas von der Gathen

Today’s CEOs, Mark Billige and Dr. Andreas von der Gathen, have been with Simon-Kucher for many years now. They have successfully contributed to our growth, both as regional and practice leaders and as members of the board.