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Understanding how customers think, make decisions, and act, especially on digital channels, is the key to successful digital transformation. Whether it’s managing customer journey performance, navigating complex sales interactions, facilitating cross-selling, or preventing churn, an understanding of customer psychology and behavior must form the core of the approach. Having these aspects in mind will help your business unlock the sales potential and create better growth opportunities.

BE Digital approach by Simon-Kucher  helps clients optimize existing or coming  digital infrastructure for growth. Our unique integration of behavioral economics (BE) expertise, smart data analytics, and nudge-powered digital tools unlocks deeper, more compelling customer connections, driving higher conversions, engagement, and retention for our clients.

Where are banks going wrong?

Many banks assume that addressing technology or digital issues will also solve underlying business problems. Unfortunately, technology on its own cannot address sluggish sales or low adoption rates. It can even be counterproductive, having an opposite effect to the one intended and preventing from unlocking your sales potential.

Coupled with rigorous testing, BE Digital delivers high-performing customer and sales journeys build on an accurate understanding of the realities driving customer decisions and overcoming organizational barriers.


What does
BE Digital do?

BE Digital’s comprehensive approach considers an organization’s strategic priorities and constraints. It integrates behavioral science, advanced analytics, and nudge powered digital tools to achieve digital optimization that will help unlock your company’s sales potential.


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Low sales conversion rates? Increasing churn and attrition?

Don’t assume that addressing your technology or digital issues will automatically solve underlying business problems. Technology alone can’t drive up sluggish sales or low adoption rates. Turnaround your underperforming digital initiatives and optimize your results with BE Digital.

Our comprehensive solution takes into account your organization's strategic priorities and constraints with a tailored methodology. By leveraging the power of your existing data, and understanding how your customers think, make decisions, and act, you’ll be able to steer your commercial strategy like never before.

BE Digital is a proven, research-based approach that will help you improve conversion, engagement, and retention across the sales lifecycle. Our unique integration of behavioral science, smart data analytics and nudged-powered digital tools is embedded at the heart of your organization. Delivered by agile teams drawn from our banking sector, Simon-Kucher Elevate and Simon-Kucher Engine, BE Digital supports clients with an end-to-end solution fit for your needs. Optimize your sales journeys and unlock deeper customer connection for breakthrough, long-term results.

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Combining the power of both digital and behavioral economics with intuitive experience design allows our clients to transfer technologies' limitless potential into tangible results.
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