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The CGT industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, creating possibilities to cure the “incurable”.

Advancements in this space are affecting stakeholders across healthcare, as the industry looks to better adapt commercialization, P&MA, financing, and contracting systems.

Take a closer look at our insights and be the first to learn from our experts about how manufacturers, healthcare systems, and payers can grasp the opportunities and overcome the challenges present in this ever-evolving environment.

Cell & Gene Therapy: Curing the 'Incurable'

Until recently, there had been multiple breakthrough therapies for rare diseases but few cures.

We interviewed pharmaceutical Pricing & Market Access experts, Dirk Kars and Christian Schuler, to find out how P&MA hurdles can be overcome, facilitating better access to future cell and gene therapies.

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Cell & Gene Therapy: Curing the 'Incurable'
Until recently, there had been multiple breakthrough therapies for rare diseases but few cures.
Cell and Gene Therapies: Six Steps to Prepare for Launch
With the potential to cure the “incurable”, it’s not surprising that the cell and gene therapies industry has gained popularity in recent years.
The Three Key Drivers that are Shaping China’s Cell and Gene Therapy Industry
China’s cell and gene therapy industry has seen dynamic changes in recent years.
International Reference Pricing for the Launch of Cell and Gene Therapies
When it comes to cell and gene therapy, setting the right price isn’t easy.
Value-based care toolkits for cell and gene therapies
Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) offer tremendous promise to patients in indications with high unmet need.
How Pharma can Overcome Barriers to CGT Diagnostic Testing
Diagnostic testing allows pharmaceutical companies to identify the right patients for cell and gene therapies to maximize therapeutic and commercial success.
ATMPs: Prepare for Successful Access in a Changing Environment
In this article, we discuss the expected impact of current trends and healthcare system initiatives on advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) Pricing & Market Access and highlight the resulting opportunities and challenges for manufacturers.
Frontiers of CGT in China
According to Nature research in 2021, China accounts for over 50 percent of cell therapy trials worldwide. Today, there are around 400 ongoing CAR-T trials in China across a broad range of targets and diverse indications, from hematology/oncology to solid tumors.

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