Healthcare IT Trends Report 2024

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Key lessons from Healthcare IT industry leaders on driving revenue growth

In the dynamic landscape of Healthcare IT, Simon-Kucher's 2023 study with industry leaders unveils strategic solutions for the anticipated challenges of 2024. Amid macroeconomic headwinds like closed doors in business development, inflation, and rising costs, this groundbreaking study equips HCIT sector leaders with tailored growth strategies.

As hospitals and pharma companies grapple with challenges, our insights transform adversity into opportunity. Proactively addressing closed doors and economic fluctuations, these strategies empower organizations to not just survive but thrive in the evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Step into 2024 armed with Simon-Kucher's exclusive insights. Elevate your Healthcare IT organization above the challenges, embracing a strategic advantage to flourish in the face of uncertainty. Explore the future confidently with data-driven solutions from Simon-Kucher's study. 

From the CEO down to the field sales representative, successful HCIT companies believe that they deserve higher prices for the value they deliver. They first convince their own sales teams about the need for higher prices before asking them to communicate price increases to customers.
David Lee, Partner

Three key areas of our report

Net Retention

High net revenue retention (NRR) is among the strongest indicators of exceptional performance in Healthcare IT. Best-in-class companies achieve 113 percent NRR - with its implications for both the top and bottom line, this can be a crucial success factor. Learn more about the best practices in our report.

Price Increases

According to our study, companies only realized a six percent price increase on average this year, below the impact of most inflationary and wage-increase pressures. To learn more about the four critical insights from best-in-class companies to achieve price increase targets that beat inflation, download our report

Packaging/Pricing strategy

As Healthcare IT companies expand, it’s critical for them to construct a tailored packaging strategy. They attract a diverse customer base with different needs, values, behaviors, and willingness to pay - thus, it’s important to take a closer look at the typically used packaging strategies for growth. Our report tells you how to find the secret weapon for success. 

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