Wolfgang Johann Mitschke

  • Managing Director, Engine
  • Frankfurt, Germany

About Wolfgang

Wolfgang is Chief Technology Officer at Simon-Kucher & Partners and leads the Simon-Kucher Digital Solutions team. Digital Solutions advises clients on Sales, Marketing, and Pricing technology and delivers software solutions based on Simon-Kucher’s methods.

Wolfgang has been with the company for more than 10 years, four of which at Simon-Kucher’s office in Silicon Valley, where he provided advice to software & tech companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. His consulting activities have focused on monetization strategies, pricing optimization, and developing pricing processes.

Topics from his previous talks and articles include: “Packaging & Bundling”, “Pricing complexity”, and “Transition to SaaS”.

Prior to Simon-Kucher, Wolfgang worked for IXOS Software (now OpenText) as a consultant. He planned, developed, and implemented national, and international projects in the field of Enterprise Content Management for clients from a variety of industries.

Wolfgang received his MBA from the University of Mannheim, Germany. He also graduated with a joint Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from Open University London and the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart, Germany.