Simonkucher : Working with Us


Working in one of our teams is incredibly stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Not only are they collaborative, supportive and mutually respectful, they operate in an open environment where no one would think of leaving for the day with a teammate still in need of help. An environment where success means nobody is left behind as we do not believe in an up-or-out-philosophy.

Although we’re a large, extremely dynamic company with offices across the world, our small teams foster a start-up atmosphere where informal communications dominate. We emphasize having fun on the job, and encourage everyone to speak their mind and think outside the box. Each team is led by a Simon-Kucher Partner who actively participates in its day-to-day project works. That means you always have direct access to senior management and can get your ideas right to the top without fighting through a rigid, inefficient hierarchy. In combination with your own skills and experience, your learning curve will affect the way your team role develops over time, as the wide range of challenges you tackle early on gradually evolve into a specialized field that maximizes your potential and increases your responsibility.

Our teams are also quite diverse, so you’ll often work with colleagues from a multitude of different countries and various educational and professional backgrounds. At the same time, the company values we all share provide a familiar atmosphere that brings us together, one that stretches across the globe to every office, where no one – whether a new hire or senior employee – ever feels like a stranger.


We often say that we work on the sunny side of consulting, because we focus on revenue, profit and growth rather than on cost-cutting or downsizing. All of our projects focus on things from the market perspective, and they all address TopLine Power® in some way or another.

Our work covers all kinds of growth topics, from market-entry strategies to omni-channel sales force optimization. We might cover “hardcore pricing projects,” such as defining price strategies for new products or increasing prices for existing ones, changing price models or fine-tuning discount structures. But we don’t stop at that.

Our projects also include creating and assessing innovative digital business models or supporting a client’s company throughout the entire implementation and transformation process. Our project teams tend to accompany our clients from beginning to end, until the work is done.

So, working at Simon-Kucher is much more than “putting a price tag on a product.” The variety of issues we address is astounding even for seasoned consultants. Read more about our work here.

We are organized into global practices, each of which focuses on a specific industry. While experienced associates are generally assigned to a global practice, we usually give new hires the chance to work in various industries and gain a broad set of experiences first. Read more about our industries here.


As a global company, we’re host to a fascinating community of select employees who speak over 60 languages and come from over 40 different countries. Our people are the best at what they do professionally, but they also have an extraordinary range of lively passions outside the office. Because at Simon-Kucher, we not only work hard, we play hard as well. It’s part of the reason why bonding is so easy for us, and why working here is so refreshing and inspiring. We take a genuine interest in each other, and make the most of spending so many exciting hours together. That’s the way winning teams play.

Although many of us have backgrounds in economics or management, we know from experience that diversity is an asset: That’s why we’re actively looking for professionals from a vast range of fields including pharmacists, physicians, scientists, engineers and psychologists. That means every day you’ll learn something new from your coworkers, as well as discover new ways to think and work for success. We’re proud that The Vault Guide has recognized us as leaders in diversity hiring. Read more here.

As consulting can get tough, the people you work side-by-side with make it a unique and rewarding experience. And Simon-Kucher’s strong sense of family united with diversity extends far beyond the confines of the office to leisure time as well. From softball enthusiasts and weightlifters to artists and weekend pilots, you’ll make friends with fellow employees who have a broad spectrum of fascinating hobbies which you either already share or are on your way to discover. The quality time you spend with colleagues may open doors to lasting friendships that will both deepen your experience at Simon-Kucher as well as broaden your horizons.

Broader horizons

Any consulting firm can promise that you will work on challenging projects day in and day out. But at Simon-Kucher, you have more chances than anywhere else to work in a real international context. This goes way beyond international project teams or conference calls with people from all around the globe. Because we work out of more than 30 offices for clients in over 80 countries, you will likely travel the world to get things done as part of a multinational project team, or you will be assigned to an overseas project.

We not only put consultants on projects that cross borders, we also give them the chance to work temporarily in our other offices. For example, an associate based in Boston or Barcelona can choose to work in Munich or Sydney for three to six months as part of our office rotation program. We also give our associates the opportunity to move to another office for longer periods and encourage them to broaden their personal horizons this way. Read more about office rotations and transfers here.

As a growing company, we have been opening new offices in “new” countries almost every year. If you are interested in participating in a start-up experience and have some work experience with us, we are happy to place you on the founding team of our latest office.